Focus Areas

photo of an eviction notice posted on a door

Prevention & Diversion

"I'm getting evicted at the end of the month."

A whopping 41% of households in Vanderburgh County struggle to pay for basic necessities. Just one obstacle—illness, job loss or even a major car repair—can produce a ripple effect that leads to homelessness. Prevention and diversion services provide immediate action to avoid instability.

Local prevention and diversion efforts include:

Emergency Shelter

“I'm hungry and got nowhere to sleep tonight.”

Individuals and families who lose their own housing may end up in temporary shelters. Our member organizations work together daily to provide these folks with temporary stability in emergency situations.

Examples of local emergency efforts include:

photo of breakfast trays at united caring services
photo of lucas place permanent supportive housing facility

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

“I need help getting out of homelessness for good."

Permanent supportive housing (PSH) programs help homeless individuals and families emerge from homelessness and achieve long-term stability and independence. 

Local PSH efforts include: