Our Mission.

The Evansville Network of Diversion (END) exists to divert individuals and families from shelter using diversion conversations and coordinated community support.

Diversion vs Prevention.

Diversion: Assisting individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis that has led to the loss of independent housing but not yet entered the shelter system by either regaining independent housing or extending a temporary situation until a referral can be made to an organization trained to assist in securing permanent housing.

Prevention: Assisting individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis where independent housing is still in place but at risk of being eliminated. The goal of prevention assistance is to maintain current housing if appropriate.

Level One vs Level Two Organizations.

Level One Organization: An organization willing and able to obtain training to conduct a diversion/prevention conversation with a client. This conversation may resolve the housing crisis, extend temporary placement, and/or make a referral to level two services.

Level Two Organization: An organization with training and capacity to dive deeper with a client to actually resolve the housing crisis.

For more Information.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a housing crisis, please call us at 2-1-1. If you would like to know more about E.N.D., stay up to date on our progress and events or make a donation, please visit evansvillehomeless.org/end or like us on Facebook Facebook.com/evvnetworkofdiversion