Better Know Resources

If in need of help, please call the United Way at 211.

If in need of shelter, please call Aurora, at 812-428-3246.

The United States Interagency on Homelessness Council offers a lot of resources regarding homelessness.

A great resource for programs funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the HUD Exchange.

Evansville and Vanderburgh are part of the Indiana Balance of State Continuum of Care, which includes all Indiana counties except for Marion and St. Joseph.
IHCDA created a video about Permanent Supportive Housing and the Housing First initiative. This is to put faces and stories to the statistics.  We have made huge strides in combating homelessness in Indiana.

MIT OpenCourseWare has a Homeless in America course from 2005 available, while not current, there is useful historical information.

Kevin Barbieux, The Homeless Guy, is well educated about homeless trends/topics with over 18 years of experience of being homeless.  His locations of being homeless include San Diego and Nashville.  He shares his honest opinions and experiences about homelessness on his blog.

30 Days of Poverty raises awareness of poverty issues in our community.

Abt Associates has completed many research projects including homelessness, and also in addition has done several studies associated with food assistance and nutrition programs.

Interim Study of Food Deserts and Loans Program-Interim Study Groups by the Indiana Legislature

RESULTS harnesses the voices of individuals across the United States who speak up in solidarity with all people who need basic health care, education, and the means to rise out of poverty.   Contact Stephen Ralph for more information about our local chapter.

Sleep is very difficult for homeless people to get enough of.  Tuck has put together a resource portal on sleeplessness and homelessness.

For more information about the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.