Homeless Health Coalition


The Homeless Healthcare Network partnered to help create the successful pilot Homeless Medical Respite Program and the next big project is to create a sobering station.



The purpose of the Homeless Healthcare Network is two-fold:

  • To ensure housing options are provided to homeless individuals prior to being discharged from hospitals, treatment centers and other publicly funded healthcare facilities and
  • To work together to develop a seamless system of medical service delivery for individuals who are homeless   



The Network is open to any individual or agency representative that is interested in improving the health outcomes of our homeless residents



  • The Network will serve as the central intake to homeless individuals leaving medical or treatment settings
  • The Network will operate as a comprehensive entity to address consumer’s needs for a smooth transition into the community
  • The network will coordinate resources through its members for the continuous, non-duplicated client support
  • The Network will investigate and research best practices and funding streams
  • The Network is currently collecting data to support the development of a Medical Respite Center.

For more information please contact Wyeth Hatfield ,  Chair of the Homeless Healthcare Network   812-436-0224  Ext. 228