Get Involved

Want to get involved?

Learn more about homeless issues on the Better Know Resources page.

Attend community meetings.  Please join us for a meeting of the Homeless Services Council of Southwest Indiana (HSCSWI).

Get involved with an agency, learn more on the Better Know An Agency page.

Donate your time, there are many agencies and Events that need your help.  Busy schedule?  There are a variety of opportunities to help, from one-time volunteer opportunities to finding a role that fits your schedule and passions.

Donate items that are needed by the homeless.  Learn more about what items that agencies needed donated on the Better Know An Agency page by checking out their websites.

Also you can donate money to agencies that help the homeless, learn more about how to donate to an agency, by checking out their websites on the Better Know An Agency page.

Need more information, contact us at Destination: Home.