Vanderburgh Homeless Connect is now Community Connect SWI and is coming up on March 15, 2018.  We started locally in 2008.

Homeless Connect and Community Connect events take place in city and counties across the nation.  San Francisco started the model for Homeless Connect in 2004.  The Destination: Home staff researched the Homeless Connect model, and when former Vanderburgh County Comissioner/former Chair of the Commission on Homelessness Troy Tornatta had the opportunity to visit the Homeless Connect event while visiting Indianapolis,  he was impressed.  The Commission on Homelessness then sponsored the first Vanderburgh Homeless Connect in 2009.

In San Fransisco, the Homeless Connect model was created to provide that a person experiencing homelessness is able to receive assistance from many service providers, all under the same roof. Because of this one-stop-shop model, what often takes months to accomplish can be completed in one day. From employment counselors to mental health professionals, to housing assistance programs, the goal is to ensure participants have all the tools necessary to rebuild what they have lost and move forward.

For Community Connect SWI, we serve the homeless, the near-homeless, and those who are in need of the provided services.

Also there will be outside vendors on 9th Street.