Community Connect SWI

Vanderburgh Homeless Connect is NOW Community Connect SWI
Thursday, March 15, Old National Events Plaza, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

Community Connect SWI 2018_Flyer

Community Connect of SWI is the evolution of Vanderburgh Homeless Connect. In one day, one stop, one mission, we will assist the homeless and work to prevent homelessness. Plan to join us on March 15.  Share this page to help us spread the word about this important community event.

Community Connect is annually, every year on the third Thursday of March.  The upcoming Community Connect will be on March 15, 2018 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Community Connect is made possible by the generosity of the following sponsors:



Volunteering at Community Connect SWI is a meaningful way to spend a day.  Training is provided, and roles are defined.  Learn more or register soon at the United Way of SWI website.  Vendors also register with United Way of SWI.

Donations for Community Connect SWI may be made in the care of United Way of SWI.

What is Community Connect: A one-day, one-stop event with one mission: to provide critical services and hospitality directly to people who are homeless or near-homeless.

This is not a health or information fair but an event to receive immediate, same-day services.

  • What services are provided: Community agencies will offer services they normally offer in their offices and some services which are normally only accessible on-line. Guests can sit down and talk to an actual person. Areas of service will include:
    Employment & Education
    • Financial
    • Government Assistance
    • Veterans Services
    • Health Screenings
    • Housing
    • Legal and tax advice
    • Parenting resources
    • Re-entry services
    • Hospitality services, such as haircuts and foot care.
    • Lunch for guests, volunteers and service providers is sponsored by Vectren Foundation.
    • Childcare is provided during the event for those guests who are obtaining services.
    Current estimates are that locally, 1/3 of people who are homeless are children.

Who can benefit: Those who are homeless, as well as near-homeless. Near-homeless could be described as those living in poverty, those without stable housing, and those at high risk of being without a home in the near/immediate future due to inability to pay for housing costs. Causes can include:
• loss of paycheck due to loss of job (due to job being eliminated, needing to care for dependent, loss of transportation)
• domestic violence
• medical problems, mental health issues
• inadequate income as related to housing expenses

For more information: Call the United Way by dialing 2-1-1.

Homeless Connect and Community Connect events take place in city and counties across the nation.  San Francisco started the model for Homeless Connect in 2004.  The Destination: Home staff researched the Homeless Connect model, and when former Vanderburgh County Comissioner/former Chair of the Commission on Homelessness Troy Tornatta had the opportunity to visit the Homeless Connect event while visiting Indianapolis,  he was impressed.  The Commission on Homelessness then sponsored the first Vanderburgh Homeless Connect in 2009.

In San Fransisco, the Homeless Connect model was created to provide that a person experiencing homelessness is able to receive assistance from many service providers, all under the same roof. Because of this one-stop-shop model, what often takes months to accomplish can be completed in one day. From employment counselors to mental health professionals, to housing assistance programs, the goal is to ensure participants have all the tools necessary to rebuild what they have lost and move forward.

For Community Connect SWI, we serve the homeless, the near-homeless, and those who are in need of the provided services.